@Waterlight Graffiti // Art project manager

– Administration (account, quotation, fundings, contracts, CTC)
– PR & Communication (social network, graphic design, online / print, press, newsletter)
– Production (transport, project location, customs, travel coordination, managing orders)
– Art projects assistant and manager (drafting brief, editing, ingerneers meeting organizer, call for projects & commissions coordinator )
– Mediation and public perfomance
– R&D (tools, new material, sourcing)
– Diffusion (call for projects, project renting, business & customers relationship, pipe)
– Waterlight Graffiti set-up & maintenance (technical maintenance of materials, editing technical reader)
– Coordination and logistic for Waterlight Graffiti & Antonin Fourneau / Art2M coproduction projects for clients : Hermès, Taittinger, Ville de Poitiers

Participation to Waterlight Graffiti locations & collaborations :

– Naria Airport – Amido, Tokyo, Japan
– Exhibition 2.0, French Insitute of Croatia & Jérôme Catz curator, Zagreb, Croatia
– Trail of lights, Google pop-up, Austin, Texas
– Waterlight Graffiti & Antonin Fourneau at French Insittute, Tunis, Tunisie
– Visualia Festival, Pula, Croatie
– Lummix Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
– French May, Alliance Française and la Pared Negra, Havana, Cuba
– Glory Innovation, Chengdu, China
– Viva technology, Porte de Versailles with Publicis, Paris
– Convention Optique, Maison Blanche, Paris
– Convention Cigré, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris
– Light Night Leeds, United-Kingdom
– Aurora, Festival, Dallas, Texas

Collaboration in France for specific projects :

– Le parfum, Jour d’Hermès, (2014-2016)
– Portes ouvertes, ICI Montreuil (2015)
– La Malle “Noctune”, création sur-mesure for Les Champagnes Taittinger with Maltier le Malletiers (2015-2016)
– Fais-le toi même, serie web, Arte Creative (2015-2016)
– “Luminous Memori” Mémorial aux morts pour la ville de Poitiers (for novembre 2016)



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